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a guide to Uluwatu, BALI!!

Uluwatu is possibly my favourite part of Bali! It’s also the most expensive part of Bali, so it makes sense why my bouji ass loves it there! Surrounded by beautiful clifftop views, amazing restaurants, and some of the best beaches Bali has to offer, Uluwatu shouldn't definitely be top of your list! 

Things to do in Uluwatu!! 

Hit the beach!! 

Head down to one of Uluwatu's amazing beaches!! Pretty much all the beaches in this part of Bali have pure white sand and crystal clear waters. It's even known for spotting turtles swimming in the ocean!! Each beach is different, here's a list: 

Thomas Beach

Is a really tiny beach, but its often pretty quiet so you can relax and enjoy some peace. 

Nyang Nyang Beach
Nyang Nyang beach is one of my favourite beaches in bali, beautiful white sand beach, beautiful cliffside views! But the current is extremely rough, so I wouldn't recommend it for swimming.  You'll find the beach is pretty quiet, as the hike down is pretty intense, so be prepared and make sure you carry comfortable trainers. 


Relax at a beach club!! 

Sunday's is probably my favourite beach club, there's a great selection of food, the beach has a limit so it's never too crowded, and the beach is of course beautiful!! Entry is 450,000rupees for adults, this includes a credit of 250,000 for food and drinks. You also have access to all the available beach activities at the club for free such as paddle boarding, kayaking, and use of snorkelling equipment. 

Balangan ViewPoint! 

Balangan viewpoint has an insane view of 200-meter wide view of Balangan beach.  This area can become quite crowded around sunset, but it's an incredible place to watch the sunset. 


Visit Uluwatu Temple

I personally haven't been to the temple but I've heard amazing things! They have a daily sunset ceremony where they perform the Kecak fire dance, which is supposed to be an incredible experience. Definitely something ill be checking out on my next visit!  

TOP TIP: Be careful if you decide to explore the clifftop area the temple sits on, as it is full of monkeys who will steal anything they can get their hands on! 

Karang Boma Cliff aka Uluwatu Cliff 

Karang Boma is a beautiful 70-meter limestone cliff, close to Uluwatu temple! It's an amazing spot to relax and watch the sunset, and catch some incredible views!! 


Hit up the world-famous Omnia!! 

Omnia is a day club that hosts amazing acts from the likes of Black coffee to Gordan City! Tickets to events can go from anywhere between £8/$11/€10 to £23/$29/€26. 

Go Surfing! 

Uluwatu is also a big surfing area, with surf camps literally everywhere! If you want to immerse yourself in daily surfing and learn from some experience this is a great area to do it in. Dreamsea surf camp is supposed to be amazing! 

Of course, eat!! 


Ours - Try he Moroccan friend egg!! 

The Cashew Tree Bingin - Good Coffee & smoothie bowls!! 

Bukit Cafe - You have to try the pancakes!! 


Ulu Cliffhouse -  Amazing View to watch the sunset, and great for lunch and Dinner and drinks. They also throw day parties from time to time. 

Radisson Blu Uluwatu - Their Top floor restaurant has beautiful views of the area, and great food and cocktails Perfect romantic dinner spot! 

Shanghai Express - If your missing dim sum and dumplings this is defiantly the best place to get your fix!! 

Cuca - Great food and drinks! 

Go for drinks! 


Single Fin - perfect spot to have drinks and watch the sunset 

Omnia - Best for day parties! 

Where to stay! 

The best places to stay are either Batu Bolong or Berawa. Batu Bolong is the main strip where you will find shops, restaurants, bars all within walking distance. Berawa is a more up and coming area, with new villas and restaurants popping up daily. 

I’ve stayed in both areas in a mixture of accommodation from budget to luxury! I’ll link my favourites below! 


Renaissance Uluwatu

Radisson Blu Bali

Six senses


Mule Malu Tropical Stay
Gravity Boutique Hotel

Sals Secret Spot



Boho Hills Bali
Le Grande

U Tube Hotel & Spa

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