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a guide to cANGGU, BALI!!


Go to the beach!!

Canggu doesn't have the best beaches in Bali by any means! But they're not a bad place to chill out and watch the sunset. Canggu beaches are: 
Echo Beach 
Berewa Beach
Batu Balong Beach 
Munggu Beach (about 15mins drive from the main Canggu beach) 



Canggu is where I’m normally based when I come to Bali, it’s great for networking, making friends if you plan to stay in Bali a while, working etc. It’s where most ex-pats/nomads live while in Bali. That being said I wouldn't say its the ultimate holiday destination, I'd only advise staying in Canggu if you plan on sticking around awhile! I say this because Canggu has less attractions and is a bit more of a community of locals and ex-pats living together. 

Things to do! 

Chill out at the beach/pool Bar! 

Canguu has an abundance of beautifully decorated beach/pool bars! spend your day lounging around the pool, and socialising with friends, or why not take the famous breakfast in the pool pic at Cabina Bali or Panama!! 

Go Surfing! 

Canggu beaches are full of surfers, if you walk along Echo beach there are plenty of surf shacks offering cheap lessons. The waves are suitable for all levels. 


Let's go shopping bitches!!! 

Canggu has a great variety of boutique stores and markets that make it great for shopping. There are literally new stores opening up every single day. A few of the hotspots are :

Love Anchor is a small bazaar/market style shopping experience. Where you can pick up everything from incense to the famous Bali rattan bags. Everything is reasonably priced, and you can often barter the price. 

Wanderlust Swim, has to be my absolute favourite bikini store in Bali! They have a great variety of colours and styles, and they often have half-price sales! So you can grab a bargain! 

Old man's Saturday Market! Once a month Old Man's, the bar in echo beach turns into a market. They will be signs up all over Canggu letting you know the date of the market. These are just my favourites but there's so many for you to explore!! 


Canggu is full of nomads, expats, and entrepreneurs! Which means pretty much every cafe is full of people working! There are also some great co-working space available such as: 
Dojo Bali
Tropical Nomad Coworking space
Outpost Canggu Coworking

Get Fit! 

Everywhere you turn in Bali, there's a 6 pack! Everyone works out or does yoga, and generally lives a relatively healthy lifestyle. 

Where to Workout : 
Body factory Bali- My favourite gym in Bali. Brand new equipment, great mixture of classes! And if you stay in the hotel you can use the gym for free. 
Avenue Fitness - Good price, lots of equipment, and you get access to the sauna and ice bath as well as the gym. 
Victory Fitness - Budget-friendly option! 

Namaste!! Do some Yoga!! 

Bali is well known as a yogi hub, with retreats dotted all over the country. Canggu is full of yoga centres/gyms so there are plenty of options to get your daily fix! 

If you're looking to do a retreat which includes Yoga, why not try Sukhavati Ayurveda, I stayed there for 3 days for a wellness & transformation retreat. Which included daily yoga, meditation, massages and some incredible meals which will leave your skin glowing and your digestion working perfectly if you know what I mean!!

Do a Beach Clean up!! 

As it stands if we continue as we are there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2020! So two thing you can do to help this is getting a reusable bottle! And you can do a beach clean up! Beach clean-ups are needed all over the world, you can do this on your own by heading down to the beach with a bag or you can join an organised clean up with companies like Trash Hero!

Eat!! Eat!! And eat some more! 

Places to Eat!!  Local Food

Canggu is full of really good Warungs, if you drive to the top of Batu Bolong, you will be on the main road Jalan Raya Canggu.  Along this main road, there are loads of Warungs I've eaten at lots of them they are all really good! 

Places to Eat!!  Continental Food 

Coffee Cartel - The waffles are 🤤🤤
Crate - I normally get the calrito with a surfs up smoothie! 
Motion cafe - One of the best place to eat in Canggu if your trying time keep track of your diet! They have amazing protein smoothies and they have a great build your own meal option, making g it easy for me to stick to a meal plan! 
Nude cafe - Breakfast burrito is 🤤




Mason - try the pulled beef burger! 🤤

Luigis - Best pizza & turns into a party on Tuesdays night! 

Tropikale - Great food and drinks! 


Go for drinks! 

There are loads of really social bars all of Canggu! Great for day time chilling and evening vibes!  

La Brisa - perfect spot to have drinks and watch the sunset 
The lawn - another sunset spot on the beach, great 
Old man's - Has weekly events and is a good place to start any night off. 
Sandbar - Best option for a ratchet ass night! 
Finns - Great for day parties 
Kos one - Great for lounging by the pool, with day parties every Saturday. 

Where to stay! 

The best places to stay are either Batu Bolong or Berawa. Batu Bolong is the main strip where you will find shops, restaurants, bars all within walking distance. Berawa is a more up and coming area, with new villas and restaurants popping up daily. 

I’ve stayed in both areas in a mixture of hotels from budget to luxury! I’ll link my favourites below! 


Zin Canggu


Body factory Bali 
Koa D Surfer Hotel 
Love Song Boutique Hotel 


Kosone Hostel 
Sakura Guest Hotel 
Canggu Castle 

Another option is air bnb!! you can get really affordable air bnbs all over canggu!!


Use this link to get £34 off your next booking!! 

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