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The Ultimate Guide To Bali, Indonesia:

Everything you need to know

If you have been following me for a while you'll already know Bali is my home away from home! And with good reason beautiful beaches, amazing hikes, ACTIVE VOLCANOS! Bali has a contagious energy! In this post I'll fill you in on everything you need to know before heading out on your trip to Bali!!

Things to know before you come to Bali!! 



While travelling around Bali cash will be your main form of currency! Card is accepted in a lot of areas but it will really depend on what area your in, so always make sure you carry some cash on you just in case! 


Fraud and card cloning is very common in Bali so I'd highly recommend using a card that is easy to monitor. Like Monzo or Starling both send you notifications when your card is used. Monzo also allows you to freeze your card whenever you like making it easy to stop any suspicious action while you're away. 


Top Tip - Be careful with ATMs, try to use an ATMs inside the bank if you can.



Staying connected in Bali is pretty easy, the wifi and local data is really good. If your staying long term or just can't live without being connected opt for a Telkomsel sim. Telkomsel has the best coverage and is really easy to use, you can pick up a sim in the airport. 

Make sure you download the app to make it easy to top up! 



Bali is a fairly small island, so it's pretty easy and cheap to get around. 


Scooter - You can rent a scooter, you ideally need to have an international bike licence. But the majority of rental places will take a driving licence as enough proof. A scooter averages around 75k-100k rupiah. 

Scooter Taxi - If you're not confident driving a scooter, then I advise you use scooter taxi instead. If you download the Grab app or Gojek app.

Taxi - The grab or Gojek apps can also be used to order Car Taxis, these are ideal for longer journeys. 

Ferry - If you decide to venture off the mainland of Bali to Lombok, the Gili Islands or the Nusa Islands, you can take a boat from either Sanar Ferry Port or Padang Bai. I always buy my tickets at the ports as its often cheaper this way. 


Foods to Try 

The great thing about Bali is they do both amazing local food and western food! Indonesian Food is some of my favourite food in the world! Here some must-try dishes;


Nasi goreng - Fried Rice 

Mie Goreng - Fried Noodles 

Ayam baker - grilled chicken I normally get this with a side of nasi (rice) 

Sambol - spicy sauce 

Different Areas of Bali

Different areas of Bali 


So Ubud is probably my least favourite part of Bali! Now don’t get me wrong is beautiful, but there’s not a whole lot to do in this area. Unless you're coming to Bali specifically for a retreat in this area I’d say you don’t need to spend more than 3 days here! 

➳ More about Ubud:  Guide to Ubud

Canggu or Seminyak 

Depending on how long you are staying in Bali, and what you want from your trip will determine whether you should stay in Canggu or Seminyak. They are a 15-30 minute drive from each other so you can always stay in one and visit the other. 

Canggu is a great area to stay in if you plan to stay in Bali a while. The area is full of expats, nomads, and long term travellers that have settled in Bali. If you plan to stick around and want to meet other likeminded people Canggu is your best option. 

➳ More about Canggu:  Guide to Canggu

Seminyak is more of a tourist-based area, full of beautiful resorts, beach clubs, and amazing restaurants. I think this is the ideal area to be based in if you're only in Bali a short trip!



Uluwatu is definitely my favourite area in Bali for sure. This is where you will find the most beautiful beaches, amazing views from limestone clifftops, bouji Villas, and unforgettable sunsets! 

➳ More about Uluwatu:  Guide to Uluwatu


I was lucky enough to be invited, to stay at the Alila in Manggis for a weekend. It was really nice to get out of the hustle and bustle of central Bali and relax! Id highly recommend this area if you want to explore a quieter and simpler side of Bali. 

Check out my full post on this beautiful resort! 

➳ More about Manggis:  Alila Manggis Hotel Review 

The Nusa Islands 

I'd highly recommend getting off Bali's mainland and spending a few days exploring the beautiful, untouched Nusa Islands. Here you will find incredible, pristine beaches, mind blowing clifftop views and next level instagramble locations!! But be warned the Nusa islands are still getting used to tourism and aren't as readily set up as mainland Bali. 

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